Members of Center for Quantitative Economics of Jilin University

Sun Wei



  Name: Sun Wei

  Ethnicity: Han


  Date of birth: 1963.09

  Academic qualification: Phd

  Title: professor

        Director of Center for Quantitative

        Economics of Jilin University

       Co-chairs of Transdisciplinary 

       Econometrics&Data Science





     Research Fields:Microeconometric Analysis


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      Research Projects:

  1. Research on "Market Mechanism and Policy Choice of Consumption and Supply Coordinated Upgrading in the Process of Common Prosperity", a Humanities and Social Science research project of Ministry of Education(SKZ2023019)2023(1)

  2. School Social Science Project "Research on the Path of High-quality Modernization of China's Economic Development in the Direction of Common Prosperity"(SKX2022050)2022(8)

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