Submission Requirements

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  First, the manuscript requirements

    1. Emphasize the academic nature of the paper requires a high academic standards, denial of common sense and textbook description.

    2. Emphasize the prospective: the requirements of the front page of the topic, the content is novel, proper method.

    3. Emphasis on Positivism: Requires Papers Applied Theory to Analyze Practice, Apply Practice to Promote Theory.

    4. Emphasize normativeity: require the use of normative economic research methods and language.


  Second, submission

    1. The author can log in to the website of the number of economic research centers of Jilin University ( to upload the paper to the editorial department of Quantitative Economic Research Center of Quantitative Economic Research Center of Jilin University. At the same time, And e-mail. Please control the length of 1.5 words or less.

    2. Manuscripts should be accompanied by standardized Chinese and English control headings, author names, units, abstracts and keywords.

    3. Classification code, document identification code.

    4. The manuscript should be accompanied by the Chinese name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, place of work, degree, position, title, research direction, mailing address, postal code, telephone (house, unit phone, mobile phone), e-mail and so on.

    5. Manuscript using the Office system Word software A4 layout, font size for the No. 5 song, line spacing 18 pounds. Requirements: text and graphics handwriting clear, mathematical formula expression specification, the data is accurate, the text within the chart should be Chinese, shall not use foreign language.

    6. Contributions should be unpublished works, the contents shall not be involved in state secrets.

    7. Contributions should avoid political errors, to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, in front of the words "China".


  Third, the text format

    1. The title of the paper (ie, the first title): Blackbody III.

    2. Author and author Unit: the case of small four, the author in principle no more than three.

    3. Content summary: italic small five format, in principle, no more than 300 words.

    4. Key words: italic small five format, in principle, no more than five.

    5. CLC number: black body small five, this category by the editor to fill out.

    6. Text: The full text by the song on the 5th, 18 pounds spacing layout writing. Among them, the two titles for the black body of the title of the first two empty post layout, the title if there are numbers to the Chinese characters written to one to nine; three headlines to the first four types of typewriters, the title if there are numbers to Arabic Numbers 1-9 writing.


  Fourth, reference

    1. After the references are attached to the text, the documents listed in the requirements shall correspond to those in the text.

    2. The literature code is: monograph [M], journal articles [J], newspapers [N], Proceedings [C], degree thesis [D], research report [R], standard [S], others [Z].

    3. The document format is: author, "article name (title)" document code, journal name (press), year, page number.

    4. Reference cited in the format, in principle, the reference at the end of the literature should be related to the text, the reference should be in brackets by name, year in the order of the document, such as (Coase, 1946). If there is more than one document in a year, you can add a, b, c ... after the year. If there is already the author's name in the text, the brackets can only indicate the year.


  Fifth, peer review

    We will invite experts to review your manuscripts in a fair and objective manner through the editorial department's preliminary thesis. Once the manuscript is reviewed, the author himself is informed. This issue once again warmly welcome domestic and foreign scholars to actively contribute.


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