A Brief Introduction to Quantitative Economics Research Center of Jilin University

A Brief Introduction to

Quantitative Economics Research Center of Jilin University,

Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the MoE


Quantitative Economics Research Center of Jilin University was established in October 1999, and was accredited Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education on September 25th, 2000.The Center has 37research fellows,  full-time and part-time. Among the 12 full-time researchers, there are 12 doctoral tutors, 11 professors, 1 associate professor. There are 25 part-time researchers , including 15 professors, 10 associate professors, 14 doctoral tutors, 3 management cadres. Among them,  there is 1 Senior Professor of Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jilin University, 1 Distinguished Professor from “Yangtze River Scholar” program of Ministry of Education, 1 professor of “New Century Talents Plan”,  6 professors of New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education. Its leading academic figurers include Professor Zhang Yishan,  Professor Liu Jinquan,  Professor Chen Shoudong,  Professor Sun Wei,  and Professor Zhang Shiwei.

Jilin University is among the earliest starters in China’s quantitative economics research and teaching. In 1986 and 1993 respectively master and doctoral degree programs in quantitative economics were accredited by the Ministry of Education, and in 1996 a postdoctoral research station for economics was jointly founded basing on this doctoral program and other two economic doctoral programs. This center has five research departments, including economic cycle and economic policy measurement, power paradigm: economic theory system construction, financial econometrics and risk management, micro-econometrics and simulation, and economy and society indexes.

Since its foundation, the Center has, adhering to the principle of combining theoretical research with applied research, and combining quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis, focused on major frontier problems concerning society and economy. The center has produced a number of high-level research findings in the fields of economic situation analysis and forecast, economic policy theory and evaluation, financial market and financial risks, micro-econometrics and micro-simulation, power paradigm of economics research, basing on in-depth analysis and research into China’s practical and realistic problems. So far the center has under taken more than 50 projects under the support of National Social Science Fund, National Natural Science Foundation and other national and provincial research projects. The Center has published hundreds of papers on domestic and foreign academic journals such as Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal, Journal of Quantitative and Technical Economics, Economic Dynamics, Journal of Financial Research, Management World. And it has won over 40awards from the state, the Ministry of Education and provincial and ministerial level. The Center has for three times passed the Key Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of MoE’s evaluation.

      Currently the Center has cooperated with well-known think-tank, China (Hainan) Institute for Reform and Development and has co-founded economic policy quantitative research center, the establishment of which will greatly strengthen the advantage of the quantitative economics subject of Jilin University, expand its influence, and promote the close combination of theoretical research and empirical analysis. We try to build the Center into new model think-tank who has dual advantages in both basic economic theoretical research and economic policy consultancy, through organic combination between quantitative theoretical research of economic policy and economic policy consultancy services.

Currently the Quantitative Economics  Research Center is developing its plan for medium- and long-term discipline building and academic research, trying to create a research environment providing complete functionality and sound management, and carrying out significant theoretical and applied research. All research fellows are working hard in order to build a first-class research center both home and abroad.

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